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 ...provides foreign exchange transactions, liquidity solutions, international settlement and corporate hedge, wealth management, financial IT solutions and other financial products and services for global customers and enterprises.
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Why choose KVB Prime

KVB PRIME specializes in providing online trading services, with a wide selection of products such as currency pairs, indices and commodities.

Excellent Trading Terms
Trade with KVB PRIME and experience great services.
Best Trading Experience 2019, 2020 Best Forex Environment Asia 2017, Best Global Customer Service 2017…
Operation office
A large-scale office, the most luxurious design on the 57th floor of the Bitexco Financial Building, Ho Chi Minh City, is the convergence of traders and support specialists.

Connect to more than 30,000
trading expert

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ECN Account Spread


Trading products


Automated withdrawal processing


Prestigious Award
Advantage: Low spread, prestige
The most popular account types at KVB PRIME, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders


Discuss trading strategies and use FOLLOWSTAR social trading technology to automatically copy expert trades.
Account Type
The most popular account types at KVB PRIME, suitable for beginners and experienced traders
+ Forex/ Indices/ Commodities/ CFDs
+ Minimum difference 0
+ Minimum trading size 0.01 lot
+ Leverage 1:400
+ Minimum deposit 0 USD
Partner Program
With KVB PRIME Partners, you get more than just a Partner Account.

KVB PRIME creates a lot of cooperation opportunities for individuals and organizations based on their needs.
KVB PRIME is authorized and supervised by the FCA Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Number 622574),



"KVB PRIME won the "Best Trade Execution Broker" award and its high-quality service was once again recognized.

KVB PRIME, the world's leading trader, is highly regarded by investors for its professional and reliable brand image and high-quality smooth trading environment, and continues to be recognized by institutions prestigious office. This time, we have won the "Best Trade Execution Broker" award, KVB PRIME would like to thank the recognition of the Forex Awards Reviewer, and also to the global investors who have always support us."

KVB PRIME won the title of "World's Best Trade Execution Broker"


Forex trading

Forex, precious metals, index CFDs and commodity product services, rich market conditions; minimum trade size 0.01 lot

Liquidity solution

MT4 Bridging, risk monitoring, trade monitoring, Price Engines system, price integration and many other supporting tools

Global payments

KVBPrime provides cross-border payment solutions and hedging services

Optimizing management policy

Optimizing corporate forex management programs, giving businesses better capital control and less risk.

Financial technology

Leverage the latest research results in financial technology to develop a stable trading system with high speed

Asset Management

Ensure safety of investment capital and reasonable profit through wealth management services

KVB PRIME provides foreign exchange transactions, liquidity solutions, international settlement and corporate hedge, wealth management, financial IT solutions and other financial products and services for global customers and enterprises.
KVB PRIME is interested and used by many investors on all continents
Across the UK and beyond KVB PRIME has promoted its brand to a new audience around the world

KVB PRIME platform

Convenient transaction
Notify when there is a price change Super fast order placement Wide range of products Close all orders with just 1 click

Superior account management
Wide range of trading products Automatic product grouping Real-time payments Convenient withdrawals

Fast access speed
Provide many quick payment methods Access 24/24

Update the latest information
Follow every market move Stay up to date with the latest trading news on the system Grasp the market opportunity in your hands

The world's most popular trading platform

MetaTrader 4 is the world's most popular CFD and currency trading platform, combining market analysis charts, technical analysis, trading and other functions. The MT4 account can be used for multiple functions, including placing and limiting orders, closing positions, stop loss, take profit, view reports, etc. MetaTrader4 supports multi-device installation and is compatible with computers, Android, iOS, etc.

Trade anytime, anywhere

MT4 Platform - KVB Prime

Web Version Trading

KVB PRIME provides a Web version trading platform with the best utilities and functions, housed in an intuitive and comprehensive personalized interface. Simple and effective system

+ Instant trading, processing pending orders, stop orders

+ One-click trading

+ Many chart options

+ MAM . service

+ Analysis toolbar

+ Function support on Chrome, IE and Firefox

KVB Prime App

KVB PRIME application is an automated trading software developed on mobile phones with integrated market quotes, charts, trading, account opening, account management, deposit, withdrawal and provide market information. Clients can view market quotes, open or close orders, edit orders, capture the latest market trends and manage their account information anytime, anywhere.


With 18 years of experience providing the world's leading trading services, we are proud that our dedication has been recognized by many prestigious awards over the years.


KVB PRIME was first launched in 2001, with a unique vision of providing unsurpassed superior trading conditions and cutting-edge trading tools in the forex industry. Our mission is to provide clients all over the world with the ultimate trading experience.

Trustworthy Brand

Broker Award
Minimum spread: 0

Minimum trade size: 0.01 lot

Leverage: 1:400

Forex / Indices / Commodities / CFDs

Excellent trading terms

Most Trusted Forex Broker 2019, 2020 and many more titles

KVB Prime is proud to win the title of Most Trusted Forex Broker 2019 by Alpha Zone International Financial Transaction Office.
Authorized and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (Registration Number 622574),

KVB Prime's Office

Our office in Vietnam (57th floor, Bitexco Financial Building, HCMC)
We are present in the European market - The center of the world financial market
In many parts of the world: USA, Hong Kong, Japan...
In many parts of the world, KVBPrime offices have become familiar destinations for investors

Need more information, investors, please leave a message below: policy for agents (IB), support for promotion programs and office mode...


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